Banana Fish

-Hannah 17 Aug 2020 @ 08:35pm
Guys are gay but one can pole vault.
4 /10

Little Witch Academia

-Hannah 17 Aug 2020 @ 05:36pm
Little Witch Academia, though different from most other Studio Trigger shows, still has its stellar animation quality, with bright colours and smooth action the show’s a joy to watch. The full and imaginative world holds many fun and extremely likeable characters who (nearly) all get their time to shine and the slice-of-life plots of the early series make it easy to get to know the characters and root for their later journeys and personal growth. Overall Little Witch Academia is an extremely cute and fun show I would recommend to any magical girl fans or lovers of great animation.
8 /10

Fruits Basket

-Hannah 17 Aug 2020 @ 05:06pm
It's an excellent story with well-developed characters and is a pinnacle of what shoujo can be.
10 /10

Fruits Basket

-!Hannah 17 Aug 2020 @ 04:58pm
I hate fruits basket
1 /10