-Nick 03 Sep 2020 @ 08:38pm

Utena is really good. Really good.
9 /10


-Nick 20 Aug 2020 @ 02:04pm
My heart go doki doki.

Itsumo ganbaru!
10 /10

Banana Fish

-Nick 17 Aug 2020 @ 08:36pm
My IQ! It keeps rising!
3 /10

Little Witch Academia

-Nick 17 Aug 2020 @ 05:36pm
Little Witch is an archetypally rich Trigger show. The story is one of Akko's attempt to become her hero - her destined self - with sheer determination in spite of her magical impotence. The slice-of-life first half of the show shines thanks to the characters who have great depth of personality and synergy producing comedic moments which really hit. Each of these intial episodic narratives touches on a nuanced moral motif which is both interesting and doesn’t demand your attention. However, like with many shows which transform into stronger over-arching narratives, the transition is rocky. Nevertheless, the show manages to get back into gear for a finale with a refreshing twist. I very much recommend you give Little Witch a go!
7 /10


-Nick 17 Aug 2020 @ 05:14pm
The colonel is the best character
9 /10

Detective Conan

-Nick 16 Aug 2020 @ 06:22pm
G0d tier
10 /10