-iklone 04 Sep 2020 @ 01:11am
I like the alien girl (alien girl) but a lot of the humour falls flat for me.
5 /10


-iklone 04 Sep 2020 @ 01:03am
Great character designs and a simple but powerful science fiction plot based around time dilation and it's potential emotional effects. Some very powerful moments
7 /10

Food wars

-iklone 02 Sep 2020 @ 09:28pm
Surprisingly bad
1 /10

Eureka 7

-iklone 02 Sep 2020 @ 09:24pm
Watched in 1 day. I like Eureka with hair. Wings are okay but she needs eyebrows.
8 /10

Little Witch Academia

-iklone 17 Aug 2020 @ 05:35pm
I am a big fan of You Yoshinari's previous work, and so I was glad that he finally got a chance to write and direct his own show. I got to attend a talk by him in 2017 where he described his travels across England to learn of our folktales as inspiration for Little Witch Academia. I found it fascinating to see his interpretation of these old stories from a very Japanese perspective. The show both respects the tradition of the legends and of the Gainax-Trigger lineage it comes from, while not being stuck in its ways. This same message is core to the show narratively too, and is an important lesson to take away.
8 /10


-iklone 17 Aug 2020 @ 05:02pm
It was great and it predicted 9/11.
9 /10

Bunny Girl Senpai

-iklone 17 Aug 2020 @ 04:59pm
It fucking sucked bro
2 /10

School Rumble

-iklone 16 Aug 2020 @ 06:19pm
A fun romcom from the early 00s at a breakneck speed. A unique combination of traditional tropes with a irreverent reverence to the great techniques of the medium.
8 /10


-iklone 16 Aug 2020 @ 04:51pm
The greatest love story ever told.
Maids are cool.
10 /10